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In the Beginning was the Eye

IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE EYE (Im Anfang war der Blick) Bady Minck, L/IT/A 1989-2005, 45 min

Four experimental movies by the artist Bady Minck, located somewhere between Salzburg and Alfred Loos' spinal marrow, between dream and nightmare

Bady Minck reevaluates mundane imagery into thousands of postcards that the artist uses to paint a glowing, gaudy picture of Austria. Breathtaking montages and elaborate filming technology delve into the postcards' humid colors without losing their trashy allure.

Plus the short movies:

LA BELLE EST LA BÊTE (A/L/NL 2005, 3 mins)
A dream, a woman, a furry tongue: Bady Mincks "La Belle est la Bête" operates at the interface of civilization and wilderness, nature and culture, animals and humans.

MÉCANOMAGIE (L 1996, 16 mins)
A film about the convergence of time and space, the expansion of perception and how it is manipulated. The surreal animation phenomena caused by the pixilation create an autonomous world that reads like the hyperrealistic hallucinations of an eerie dream.

A high speed ride through Adolf Loos' spinal marrow.

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