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IM ANFANG WAR DER BLICK - DVD+BUCH Bady Minck, L/IT/A 1989-2005, 45 min

The film and book

The FILM: Bady Minck reevaluates mundane imagery into thousands of postcards that the artist uses to paint a glowing, gaudy picture of Austria. Breathtaking montages and elaborate filming technology delve into the postcards' humid colors without losing their trashy allure.

The book: Emerging from a melting pot of art and science, Bady Minck's multiple award-winning film "In the beginning was the eye" continues its passionate trip through the world of images and film: This time, the oevre inspired commentary and essays within international discourses.

Heidi Dumreicher, sustainability researcher, and Olaf Müller, screen writer, have collected fifteen authors that have submitted their thoughts on the topic. What is landscape? A garden of eden, a database, a film set? How does film react to landscape, science to film, landscape to science? What role does time play, and what about animation?

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