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Haider Lives - April 1, 2021

HAIDER LIVES - APRIL 1, 2021 (Haider lebt - 1 April 2021) Peter Kern, A  2002, 74 min

If reality is already bad enough, satire has to be even worse!

Vienna, 2021. Europe is devided in American sectors, Johnny Bush (the son of George Bush) is federal councelour in Austria. The German journalist August Maria Kaiser (August Diehl) comes to Vienna to do a feature on the missing Haider.

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Press Coverage

The satire attacks both Jörg Haider and the U.S. relationship with Iraq by reframing Wolfgang Liebeneiner's 1952 futuristic satire on Allied occupation. 1. April 2021. After twenty years of Haider's rule, Austria has been placed on the roster of outlaw states and invaded by U.S. troops. A German television reporter searches the enervated landscape to find the missing Haider. (Bright Lights Film Journal)