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Faith, Love, Death

FAITH, LOVE, DEATH (Glaube, Liebe, Tod) Peter Kern, A 2011, 64 min

In GLAUBE, LIEBE, TOD Peter Kern criticises both the fear enshrined in the ‘clash of civilisations’ mentality and the inability to love.

Mary Schmidleitner (82) picks up her son Peter (63) from a home for the disabled to take him for a vacation ride on a houseboat on Lake Lychen in Brandenburg, Germany, to heal him of his incontinence. On their drive out they take a hitchhiker who has made it to
Lampedusa from Africa and who is now looking for a new life in Europe. But the mother gets rid of the intruder quickly.
Life in the houseboat turns claustrophobic. The small misery of the two people encounters strange happenings on the boat: their phone disappears, food gets stolen and the boat breaks down in the middle of the lake. The two become prisoners of their feelings and they do not realise that their inability to love combined with their fear of strangers drives them into terror, which originates in prejudice. From their small personal terror of everyday life a world of violence and murder enters their lives. Prejudices are fueled by world politics, where deliberate lies preach peace and war is waged.
Odon von Horvath has named his play FAITH LOVE HOPE in a variation to a well known Biblical text of Paul's letter: "And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.". Maria Schmidtleitner's indignation: "this is my country and my culture" leaves no room for love. When human thought dies, hope also dies. What remains is only faith, love - death.

World Premiere at the Berlinale 2012 / Section: Panorama

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