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Behind the Blue

BEHIND THE BLUE (Ein Ton Blau) M.X.Oberg, D 2012, 80 min

How does art come about, and how do we perceive of it? This film takes us to studios, galleries and bars. An amusing study on art - and how one lives with it.

M.X. Oberg spent three years questioning people about contemporary art and music. This film takes one to studios in Paris, Berlin and Barcelona, capturing moments and conversations with students, currators and exhibition visitors. He asks an art collector to define his true motivation for collecting. He speaks to a museums guard, who counts his steps every day whilst he circles around the modern sculptures. The result is a field study about how art is created, our perception of art, the feeling of oversaturation and what the meaning of art is. Having made three fictional films, M.X. Oberg now presents his first documentary - an essay about life.

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