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DIESE NACHT - NUIT DE CHIEN (2DVDS) Werner Schroeter, F/D/P 2008, 118 min

One night to find an ever-escaping truth - The last film of Werner Schroeter

Santa María, a city between life and death. Ossorio, the hero of a failed resistance movement, returns to the besieged city looking for his former friends and his lover. But not only the situation has changed, also his friends: While a unscrupulous militia terrorizes the city, everyone is just busy saving their own skin. This night is the last chance to escape.

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Press Coverage

In operatic plenitude and bombastic images Schroeter designs a terrifying universe in a no man's land between life and death. With music from Mozart, Rossini and Liszt, and a stunning performance by Pascal Gregory. A furious fascinosum of the evil. (film-dienst 20/08 (biweekly))

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