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The Police Officer's Wife

THE POLICE OFFICER'S WIFE (Die Frau des Polizisten ) Philip Gröning, Deutschland 2013, 172 min

A film about the virtue of love, the virtue of curiosity, the virtue of joy.

A young couple lead a modest provincial existence with their small daughter. The husband is a policeman, a common middleclass civil servant.The wife stays at home and cares for their little girl, an alert and curious child, always looking up inquisitively at her mother.This beautiful, seemingly ordinary family live a frugal life of simple joys. It is also a life of increasing violence measured by the dark bruises of the police officer’s wife.

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Press Coverage

The police officer’s wife: This is a 59 chapter scientifically precise analysis of a quiet, typically respectable family life, tainted by brutal violence. (Screen Daily)

Nothing short of superb. (Screen international)

Alexandra Finder gives a powerful performance. (Financial Times)

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