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The family or Schroffenstein

THE FAMILY OR SCHROFFENSTEIN (Die Familie oder Schroffenstein) Hans Neuenfels, D 1984, 130 min

Based on the tragedy "The feud of the Schroffensteins" by Heinrich von Kleist

The aristocratic families of Rossitz and Warwand, who are relatives, have started to treat each other with mistrust and hatred, since a testamentary contract has stated, that the complete goods will be inherited to the respective surviving line. At the same time the young generation is in love, how can the tender ties between Agnes of Warwand and Ottokar of Rossitz be protected? Killed by their own fathers, they lie in their blood. A radical drama about the term "family".

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Press Coverage

And so "The feud of the Schroffensteins" remained in the shadow of the thematically related Romeo and Juliet. Until director Hans Neuenfels appeared on the scene. (1984, Hans-Dieter Seidel)