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Pigsty (Porcile)

PIGSTY (PORCILE) (Der Schweinestall (Porcile)) Pier Paolo Pasolini, I, F 1969, 98 min

Disgust of consumerism leads Pasolini's work directly into cannibalism. First German release!

While a young hermit in a volcanic desert becomes the spokesman of a cannibal hord, the son of a German business tycoon in post-war Bonn entertains a sodomist love to pigs. This starts a series of blackmails between his father and a competitor, a former Nazi criminal. In the end the two young men pay with death.

„Society, every society devours their disobedient children, just as the ones who are neither obedient nor disobedient. Children have to obey, end of the story.

Methaphorically speaking, the pigsty is society, Julian's family, his father, his mother and Herdhitze. On the other hand the animals themselves are the most likeables figures of the film"

Pier Paolo Pasolini

For PIGSTY Filmgalerie 451 holds only the DVD-rights for german-speaking territories. Original Italian version with German subtitles only.

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