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The Giant

THE GIANT (Der Riese) Michael Klier, D 1983, 82 min

An omnipresent giant who sees everything, but can't be seen himself ...

In THE GIANT Michael Klier transforms the viewer into a voyeur and shows him life in a German town through the eye of surveillance cameras. To the evocative music of Mahler and Wagner, we see images of streets, airports, subway stations, department stores, banks and private houses through the 'all-seeing' video eye as it keeps its look-out for trouble. But it goes further than that: our constant observation must mean that our privacy is also being put at stake.

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Press Coverage

Michael Klier’s Der Riese [The Giant] is a city symphony composed almost entirely of material generated by video-surveillance cameras. Der Riese inserts itself into film history somewhere between the motorized tripod of Michael Snow’s landscape film 'La Region Centrale' and the ubiquitous kino-eye of Dziga Vertov’s all-over documentary 'The Man with a Movie Camera'; using advanced yet tawdry technology, Klier questions [and deviously celebrates] the legitimacy of filming everything. (ctrl[space], James Hoberman)