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The long summer of theory

THE LONG SUMMER OF THEORY (Der lange Sommer der Theorie) Irene von Alberti, D 2017, 81 min

Theatrical release: November 23, 2017
DVD-Release: June 29, 2018

15.-18.03.2019 im Regenbogenkino Berlin

Official Trailer


“What is to be done?“ three women with artistic and creative professions in temporary living conditions are wondering. They are sharing a flat in an old building close to Berlin Central Station. The area is one of the city‘s last remaining gaps between buil­dings. They decide to end their flat share as soon as the first trenches will be dug.

With mixed feelings they are heading towards the time when their spontaneous life comes to an end, which means they have to make one or more (life) decisions eventually. The current flat is a symbol for their own life scripts so far: unformed and all bets are off but it already starts to be uncomfortable. They spend the remaining days in their flat with friends, celebrations, discussions and the strong feeling for the dawning of a new era.

“Der lange Sommer der Theorie“ (The long summer of theory) is a collection of staged episodes for a movie the three women are shooting. In a discursive and entertainig way the demand for political action is framed and put into practice. Real authors appear in the movie and reflect the life of the three women on the basis of theoretical, sociological and philosophical texts. That way they review the suitability for daily use of words. At the end of the film the move-out and the  departure into political awareness is due “What is to be done?“ becomes “Let‘s do it!“

With Julia Zange, Katja Weilandt and Martina Schöne-Radunski!

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Press Coverage

Berlin, summer 2016. Filmmaker Nola, noise-punk singer Katja and actress Martina’s days of hanging around their apartment are numbered after being threatened with eviction by property speculators. Eschewing traditional narrative, Irene von Alberti serves up a film within a film through the character of Nola as an unconventional way of asking questions of how these things happen. Part lecture, part dream-like surrealism, Von Alberti puts theoretical discussion surrounding topics like feminism, anarchism and how to keep your art and your community afloat in the forefront as the three friends learn that simply sharing ideas is the first step to changing the world. (EXBERLINER, 25.1.2018, Jenny Browne) read more...

The spirit of rebellion will be in the air at the Munich Film Festival, which will be occupied by movies focusing on young people protesting against how their societies are run and seeking out a new utopia. One of the German films that reflects the theme of “creative resistance” is “The Long Summer of Theory,” says Christoph Groener, who programs the New German Cinema section. The film reflects the feeling among the young that “what is needed is to move from solipsistic thinking to practical doing.” Irene von Alberti’s pic centers on three women whose apartment is threatened by property speculators. They decide to change their lives, and are “trying to think of new creative forms of living together” that incorporate a sense of “social solidarity.” The movie “wants to create a new activism where the film itself might be just a starting point and wants to infuse audiences with the need to talk to each other and find ways to create a new society, a new utopia, in which we can thrive,” says Groener. (Variety, 22.6.2017, Leo Barraclough) read more...

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