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DEADLOCK (SPECIAL EDITION) Roland Klick, D 1970, 88 min

Klick's psychedelic endgame in noman's land

A young man, Kid (Marquard Bohm - Ali in FEAR EATS THE SOUL, THE AMERICAN SOLDIER, KARL MAY a. o.) stumbles through the Mexican Sierra, shot and half bled to death, carrying a suitcase containing the loot from a bank robbery.

Passing out from heat and blood loss, he is found by Charles Dump (Mario Adorf, THE TIN DRUM, MANHUNT), a former gold miner living on the outskirts of ghost town "Deadlock" with his daughter (Klick discovery Mascha Elm-Rabben, later to appear in Schroeter's BOMBERPILOT and SALOME or Fassbinder's WORLD ON A WIRE).

As Dump realizes what's in the suitcase, he tries to come up with a plan to get rid of its owner.

As they are joined by Kid's partner in crime, the sadistic killer Sunshine (Anthony Dawson - DIAL M FOR MURDER, DR. NO a. o.), the conflict triangle is perfect. Soon it's everyone for himself in a violent endgame under the glistening sun where only one can walk away with the suitcase.

This new release boasts a new, gorgeous 16:9* HD-transfer and was put together in close collaboration with Roland Klick!

Our first release in the new "Red Line Edition".

*After decades of being screened in the wrong 1:1,85 format (DEADLOCK is filmed in 1:1,66), we opted together with Roland Klick for a new 16:9 release of the film. For those DEADLOCK-fans who want to enjoy the film in its original shooting ratio, our initial DVD release can be ordered as long as stock lasts!

Filmed literally days after the Six-Day War in a valley cornered by the Israeli and Jordanian armies still bristling with weapons, the intensity of the shoot translated directly onto the film; a tour de force in no man's land, DEADLOCK is a dark, nihilistic tale of greed, corruption and codes of honor. A chamber play of Beckettian proportions, it is also a psychedelic Western as gritty as they come.

The film's outspoken admirors ranging from Alejandro Jodorowsky to Steven Spielberg to Quentin Tarantino, DEADLOCK never loses pace and moves along with an intensity not to be found again in German film.

With a soundtrack by legendary Krautrock band CAN (included on the DVD!).



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