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DAY IS DONE Thomas Imbach, CH 2011, 107 min

A fictitious autobiography

A smokestack stubbornly pierces the sky. Trains rumble by down below. Lights come on in the buildings as night falls. There is a man behind the camera, looking for an image. Of himself? Of the world? Of society? By day and night, in rain and snow, he stands filming at the window of his studio. Periodically we hear people leaving messages on his answering machine. They talk about the weath- er while on vacation and congratulate him on his birthday. His father dies, a child is born, the young family begins to fall apart. Time passes. Slowly the city- scape morphs into the inner landscape of the man behind the camera.

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Press Coverage

In his film Imbach looks out of the window - and sees the world. An evocative maelstrom of great power emerges in the course of nearly two hours. (Der Tagesspiegel, 15.02.2011)

'Day Is Done' contains images of ravishing though unconventional urban beauty. (Screen Daily, 14.02.2011)

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