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The cinema of Roland Klick - Interview and short films

THE CINEMA OF ROLAND KLICK - INTERVIEW AND SHORT FILMS (Das Kino des Roland Klick - Interview und Kurzfilme) Roland Klick / Frieder Schlaich, D 1997, 177 min

Interview film with Roland Klick from 1997 about all his films.

This interview film is available with English subtitles only on VoD as stream or download.
(DVD is in German only, the short films as well. WEIHNACHT is without dialogue. From 10th July 2014 the short films will be available with English subtitles on the ROLAND KLICK - DVD COLLECTION)

All films are also separatly as Stream & Download @ Filmgalerie 451 VoD - Website available, only @ VoD and ROLAND KLICK - DVD COLLECTION with english subtitles, @ film titels >


WEIHNACHT D 1962/63, 10 min, s/w, 35 mm
A young boy walks through a city during Christmas admiring all of the holiday season’s paraphernalia.
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LUDWIG D 1964, 16 min, s/w, 35 mm
A film about a young man (Otto Sander) in a poor Bavarian village who plays the role of the village idiot.
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ZWEI D 1965, 26 min, s/w, 35 mm, mit Til Erwig, Peggy Parnass
Both live in a tower block. He is a young office assistant, she an ageing stripper. Their lives don’t cross until that one day when they meet twice.
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JIMMY ORPHEUS D 1966, 52 min, s/w, 35 mm, mit Klaus Schichan, Ortrud Beginnen
A dock worker must wander the streets of Hamburg after he is locked out of his shelter. In the poorer part of town, he encounters a young woman. He wants to begin an affair with her, but it is not meant to be.
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Press Coverage

WEIHNACHT is an etude about the machinery christmas, LUDWIG is the most beautiful of Roland Klick's early short films - in a stunning leading performance: Otto Sander, ZWEI shows snapshots of people, a city and day-to-day life and JIMMY ORPHEUS is a wildly improvised love story between nouvelle vague, German Beat and total cinematic craziness. (, 1999)

The edition is supplemented by an interview, that reconstructs amongst other things a failure, that keeps hurting the film maker noticeably. Because actually Klick was supposed to film Christiane F's autobiographical novel "Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo". After countless screenplay versions and years of preparation this dream shattered in court after disputes with the production company. What is left, are speculations: Would this have been THE west-german film of the seventies? Whoever (re-) discovers Klicks films, is sure: Yes! („tip“ Berlin, about the VHS edition, 1997, Annette Kilzer )