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DAS FRÄULEIN Andrea Štaka, CH/D/Bosnien 2006, 81 min

The best view is the one you choose yourself.

Fifty-something Serbian Ruza rules the cafeteria she owns in Zurich with an iron hand. 25 years ago she came to Switzerland with hopes for a better life. Her routines are as regular as clockwork: she works hard during the day, which she ends with a meticulous check through the receipts, then goes home to eat alone. Whilst Ruza never looks back to the past, and has absolutely no feelings of nostalgia, her employee, Mila, sixty, is very different in her attitudes. She too arrived with her husband some decades ago, and her only dream is to build a house in her homeland of Croatia, so she can return to live there. Their uneventful existence is upset by the arrival of Ana, a beautiful young Bosnian girl of twenty-two ...

An intimate portrait of three strong-willed women now living in Switzerland, but who originally come from various parts of a country that no longer exists: Yugoslavia.

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