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BUNGALOW Ulrich Köhler, D 2002, 82 min

A deserter in love - the highly acclaimed debut of Ulrich Köhler (WINDOWS ON MONDAY)

High summer. On the way back to barracks from manoeuvers, Paul, a young recruit, gives his unit the slip and stays behind at a motorway services. While his colleagues return to their base, he proceeds to his parents‘ empty bungalow. But his „leave“ soon becomes complicated: The army starts looking for him, his girlfriend Kerstin finishes with him, and his older brother Max turns up unexpectedly with his Danish girlfriend Lene.
Back in their childhood home the two brothers automatically fall back into their old roles: as the eldest, Max feels responsible for Paul. Paul becomes withdrawn and  waits for a chance to put one over on his older brother. In the middle is Lena, who tries to act as an intermediary, while feeling a certain sympathy for Paul’s fractiousness. What starts out as a fraternal conflict soon turns into a competition for Lene.

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