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Foreigners Out! Schlingensief's Container

Le Monde

Truly stimulating.

Stefan Grissemann

Vienna strikes back. A pandemonium of human anger, you got to see to believe.

Georg Seeßlen

Schlingensief has dragged the understanding of film far beyond the screen. He has made the step awy from the manifest artistic form, irreversibly dragging reality into the mise-en-scene and the other way around. Even the hysteria cuased by this mixture gets to be part of the artistic creation.(..) Regarding this it is surprising how much Paul Poet´s film version is really a “movie”. Instead of just having a nice seat on bein “authentic” it always utters its artistic life of its own. (…) He perfectly captures the filmic moments, that wildly spread like fungus throughout the “Aktion” and within a public, who this way only can reflect on themselves as truly deranged. He has retranslated the happening into a piece of art, which gives the “Aktion” and itself with it´s life of its own eternal relevance.


A truly great and visionary film by Vienna´s all art jumping jack flash, Paul Poet.


A Film paced like the lighting speed of agent provocateur Schlingensief talking the talk...Breaking down the barriers between stage and reality.

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