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Atta Atta – Art Has Broken Loose (Christoph Schlingensief - DVD Edition)

ATTA ATTA – ART HAS BROKEN LOOSE (CHRISTOPH SCHLINGENSIEF - DVD EDITION) (Atta Atta – Die Kunst ist ausgebrochen (Christoph Schlingensief - DVD Edition)) Christoph Schlingensief, D 2003, 962 min

"Who can use the space of art, wouldn't be a terrorist." Christoph Schlingensief

With his theater and art actions, as a filmmaker and opera director, Christoph Schlingensief (1960 – 2010) shaped cultural and political discourse in Germany over two decades. The theatrical production “Atta Atta” – Part 1 of Schlingensief’s “Atta trilogy” – is set between his parents’ home, an amateur film club and his alter ego’s studio.

Once Schlingensief has razed his own biography, “Atta Atta” unveils a campsite with a perch, artificial turf and fake flowers – this is where art has made itself comfy. The rest of , “Atta Atta” is Schlingensief's attempt to break loose from this gilded cage through pure actionism.

Content / 3 DVDs:

  • "ATTA ATTA – Art Has Broken Loose" (Volksbühne Berlin, 03/23/2003, 117 min)
  • "Erster Attaistischer Film" (2003, 52 min)
  • Behind the stage (01/18/2004, 24 min) – no subtitles
  • Rehearsals clips (2003, 34 min) – no subtitles
  • Carl Hegemann – Interview (12/2010, 11 min) – no subtitles
  • 2 DVDs with lectures of the „First Attaism Congress “ with Christoph Schlingensief (45 min.), Péter Nádas & Frank-Patrick Steckel (140 min.), Bazon Brock (150 min.), Peter Sloterdijk (95 min.), Peter Weibel (100 min.), Boris Groys (120 min.), Thomas Hauschild (75 min.) – no subtitles
  • 12-page booklet with photos and texts

Start of Rehearsals: 02. Dezember 2002
Premiere: 23. Januar 2003


to be continued

Christoph Schlingensief @ Filmgalerie 451

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