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Filmgalerie 451 releases various films or the entire oevre of the following directors

Christoph Schlingensief

One of Germany's most important and versatile artists, Christoph Schlingensief made his first film at the age of 8 and was with Filmgalerie 451 for almost 20 years. "The German Chainsaw Massacre" was our first ever VHS release!

Roland Klick

Roland Klick's films are the core of Filmgalerie 451. With only 7 dateless films and his motto "film and audience = cinema" he is fascinating to date.

Heinz Emigholz

Heinz Emigholz is a filmmaker, writer, drawer and producer. The collaboration with Filmgalerie 451 started with his film THE HOLY BUNCH, our latest collaboration is THE AIRSTRIP.

Hans J├╝rgen Syberberg

Syberberg-films are not easy to classify, to pocket or to comprehend. Therefore they match us well.

Pier Paolo Pasolini

And if we can contribute just a little bit, to saving Pier Paolo Pasolini and his films from oblivion, it was worth the effort.