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Debut Film Edition

Edition Debütfilme

Debut films receive special attention at Fesivals and from the press, in most cases, however, the audience overlooks them. They are pearls, that are hard to get hold of or have to be recovered. They are films, that are very dear to their makers, often they are unpolished and full of passion. Here they left their fingerprints for the first time and started to cut their very own way.

In this sense debuts have their significance for the film-makers entire creation and the contemporary film scene. They also bring up the question of how different approaches could conquer their spot, of how influences and perhaps present matters of course could come about.

The DVD Edition issued by Filmgalerie 451 and the film magazine Schnitt wants to be more than just a collection of early films. I will be accompanied by exclusively produced interviews with the directors. This edition is about looking back on the first feature length film, finding out what has happened since then, in which way the factors of production have altered – using the example of these young german film makers, who now successfully show their latest films in cinemas.

That's why debut films are especially interesting now. This edititon allows comparations to the directors' latest works, developments and changes become comprehensible here. What is self-evident, what/who is surprising – particularly in specific transitions and ruptures.

Im Kreise der Lieben

by Hermine Huntgeburth

A three-generation marriage fraud - The debut feature of Hermine Huntgeburth



by Oskar Roehler

American Psycho in Berlin - the debut of Oskar Roehler


Stilles Land

by Andreas Dresen


Du mich auch

by Dani Levy, Helmut Berger, Anja Franke

A bullet rained love story in Berlin - The debut feature of Dany Levy



by Roland Klick

There is something decaying in the bourgeois garden - the debut of Roland Klick!


Überall ist es besser wo wir nicht sind

The grass is always greener

by Michael Klier