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Christoph Schlingensief – DVD Edition (8 DVDs)

CHRISTOPH SCHLINGENSIEF – DVD EDITION (8 DVDS) (Christoph Schlingensief – DVD Edition (8 DVDs)) Christoph Schlingensief, D 1988-2010, 2987 min

The first 8 DVDs of our long-planned "Christoph Schlingensief - DVD Edition" are now available!

For 25 years we publish the films by Christoph Schlingensief. Now we continue the series with treasures from the archive with a particularly beautiful and elaborate Edition. The aim is to make unknown works, that were previously accessible only to a small circle, visible in optimal quality. Each year on 24 October, at Christoph Schlingensief's birthday, further works by him will appear on DVD.

A special feature is that the DVDs  have not only one feature film, but a much more extensive collection of material, that allows a private access to each work without a comment. So there are, for example, of the theater works several records, sample recordings, change of perspective and interviews. Projection films of "The Animatograph" or of the theater plays can be seen for the first time separately. Many clips, films and the "Atta Atta" - lectures were cut by Christoph Schlingensief original video team for the DVD edition and for the DVD booklets some additional texts were written by Christoph Schlingensief's playwrights.

Except for MUTTERS MASK and THE 120 DAYS OF BOTTROP (restored films) all DVDs are previously unpublished. All major films are subtitled in English for the first time, also to make it internationally accessible.

The Edition create in cooperation and with the support of the Goethe Institute Munich.

The 8 DVDs of the Edition: